NURTURING THE HOLISTIC HUMAN BEING The Ismaili Youth Soccer Camp (IYSC) represents a dream come true for its founder, Amyn Bhulji. In early 2002, a meeting of the minds was held between Amyn and co-director Abeed Hirji; it was at this point where IYSC’s vision was realized.

IYSC began as a non-profit, grassroots camp in July 2002 and is celebrating it’s 10th year this year. IYSC’s philosophy of nurturing the holistic human being both on and off the field is of paramount importance. Children are encourged to showcase their mental, social, physical, athletic, and educational prowess and abilities all within the spirit of their person. This philosophy, over the years, has also led to IYSC’s fitness for parents program helping to keep the parents engaged and connected. To this effort, IYSC brought on board professionals to voluntarily run programs for parents while their children played soccer. Programs for parents include yoga, strength and conditioning, nutritional counselling and pilates.

IYSC is open to all youth, regardless of ethnicity, gender, athletic ability and socio-economic status. It is an all-inclusive camp that boasts an average attendance of 180 kids annually, along with a 5 to 1 ratio of kids to coaches. They aim to have kids actively participate in sport while developing core, life-long skills such as leadership, team building, fair play and good health. Today, IYSC continues to be self-sufficient and 100% volunteer operated. IYSC has branched out from its humble beginnings in Vancouver, to Calgary and more recently, Edmonton.